Hi. My name is Chika Hitujiya, in Japanese Kanji, 羊谷知嘉.
To say simply, I am Futurist.
My most interest is the future and, for understanding it, I am researching the development of human personal intelligence in a long history and the progress of human complicated society in the space through the all arts, thoughts, activities and phenomenons. Of course, I can actually create work of art too, especially photography with using Photoshop and literature in Japanese.
Earth Whole Museum
My main project. In here, I collect really good arts, thoughts, and products from all over the world and I rewrite a long history through criticizing its and monumental ones. The purpose of this project is very simple. To provide and preserve the really enough requisite knowledge for digital human to survive the crisis of civilization.
Run! Mizumushi-Kun
My co-produced project with Manami Sakata. In here, I produce the backbone and the strategy of this project and I’m one of the Mizumushi photographers too. I hope to let everyone combine through this funky funny alieans, Miz and his friends.
My second co-produced project with Mitsuki Nagaki. In this Japanese contemporary gourmet site, I produce from the unique idea to realizing it. The purpose of this project is only one. To share the current Japanese unique foods with you.
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